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Enthusiast Essentials: our must-have products you’ve got to get your hands on

31 May, 2016

With the diverse range of vehicles covered by our motoring titles, New Zealand Classic Car, NZV8, and NZ Performance Car, it’s clear that the car enthusiast demographic is incredibly varied. So how do you curate a shopping basket to cater for a car person, whether they’re into imports, V8s, or classics? Our editors have discovered a heap of products this month, and there’s sure to be something that every car enthusiast will want to add to their collection.

Key to the future

The brains behind Clarion’s FDS, the NX706AU head unit is the latest top-of-the-line DVD receiver to hit our shores. It features a state-of-the-art seven-inch high-definition screen; Siri eyes-free control; inbuilt navigation; Bluetooth phone and music; dual rear USB and HDMI inputs; and, most importantly, the optical output for the Clarion FDS. Pairing this unit with the Clarion FDS will generate the world’s first full-digital audio system in your very own ride.
To get your hands on the NX706AU unit — which has an RRP of $2199 — jump online and head to

Big sounds, small package

JBL’s GTR-1001 mono amplifier powers your subwoofer with up to 1000W RMS from a compact chassis that takes up very little space. A low-pass filter clears the way for your sub to play clean, powerful bass, while a bass boost and phase switch help you get the sound just the way you want it. For more information on JBL amplifiers, visit

All-makes diagnostic tool

If you’re getting sick of constant fault lights being thrown up on your dash and want to find out what’s really going on inside your car without being charged an arm and a leg every time you need it checked, grab Foxwell’s NT414 Four Systems Scan Tool. Compatible with all makes that have OBD1 and OBD2 ports, including Holden and Ford, the NT414 scan tool is purpose designed for professionals and enthusiasts to pinpoint engine, transmission, ABS, oil-reset, electronic-parking-brake (EPB), and airbag faults. For more information, or to grab one for yourself at $450, check out

The affordable way

The Nissan Consult Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool puts the power in your hands, allowing you to run diagnostics on all Nissan cars built between 1989 and 2000 using the 14-pin diagnostic plug. Chuck the chip in the port to read and clear engine fault codes, and view live data on your Android smartphone or PC. This is the perfect tool to have in the glovebox of most Silvias, Skylines, Laurels, and even little Johnny’s Cefiro. Save money on repairs and do it yourself.
The Nissan Consult Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool is available for the low price of $95. Head to for further information on use and to purchase.

Smashing gears

When it comes to quality drivetrain equipment, Tremec is one of the automotive industry’s most prominent transmission suppliers. Boasting OEM prowess in the motorsport and performance market, Tremec provides some of the most acclaimed high-performance products available to serve the automotive enthusiast and casual sports-racing communities.
So, if you’re in the market for a quality transmission, find out what’ll be right for your project from the team at STA Parts, which has packages starting from $4566.20. Call 09 256 1120 to order, or head to for more information.

Winter wear

For just $25.60, CRC Glass Doctor restores glass and removes difficult stains from your vehicle windows. Multipurpose across automotive, marine, and home applications, the glass cleaner gets rid of haze, mineral deposits, road grime, and annoying bug splatter to give you a clear view of the road in front — polishing away anything built up on glass surfaces. Whether it’s a vehicle or the shower in your bathroom, all glass surfaces can be sorted with CRC Glass Doctor. Simply wipe on and wash off. Head to for further information or to purchase.


  • Finish: Satin Gunmetal
  • Size: 18×8-inch, 18×9-inch, 18×10-inch
  • PCD: 4×98–120.65, 5×98–120.65
  • Offset: 0 to +40

Head to for more information.

Nitto Invo

  • Size: 225/45R17 to 245/35R22
  • Tread wear: Depends on tyre size
  • Speed rating: W (270kph) – Y (300kph)

For more information head to

CRC Silicone Mist 500ml

CRC Silicone Mist is a dry-type silicone spray formulated with 100-per-cent-pure food-grade silicone oil for light lubrication and mould release. It is applied as a fine dry mist and instantly forms a colourless clear ultra-thin film, providing a non-stick surface without oily residue. It does not build up, carry over, or soak in and can be used on equipment in operation to minimize downtime. Shine those tyres, lubricate the machinery, and disperse water with this fantastic all-round product. For more information, head to

AmPro Air Engine Cleaning Gun

Are you after the best degreasing tool money can buy? How about something that isn’t battery powered? The AmPro Air Engine Cleaning Gun is exactly that — it uses your home or workshop air compressor to power what is the most powerful cleaning tool in your arsenal. Fill up the 700ml tank with whichever degreasing fluid tickles your fancy then blast away. The extended shaft ensures you’ll reach those hard-to-get-to areas, and the gun takes your usual quarter-inch air-hose fittings. For more information, head to

Creeper Seat — Rectangle

Are you sick of standing around in the workshop completing lengthy tasks that could be carried out sitting down? If so, then the Torin Big Red is the seat for you. Measuring 360x365x365mm, it’s almost a completely square unit, and comes with extra-thick padding to ensure you have a comfortable working station. Better yet, the Big Red comes with wheels so you can slide back and forward to the beer fridge or smoko room, and it is fitted with a tool/parts tray, which doubles as a pie holder. It’s an absolute steal at $52.31 delivered. For more information, head to

Protect your shine

It’s no hidden truth that New Zealand weather conditions can be hard on the exterior of our vehicles, especially those that haven’t had the modern paint treatment. Protect and add to your shine with the Optiseal Pro permanent paint protective coating, simply spray a small amount (one spray per panel) and wipe evenly across before walking away. Optiseal adds UV protection, increases hydrophobicity, and offers protection that lasts and lasts. One bottle will coat a car approximately 30 times and is a great way to speed dry your vehicle after washing — just add a single spray to each panel. For further information head to or contact the team on 0800 FINALTOUCH.

Reliable air flow

The Derale high-output single radiator fan is a self-shrouded, symmetrical design with four moulded mounting points to secure it easily to any radiator with minimal effort. It is powered by a Bosch two-speed 265w motor that drives the patented 11 skewed fan blades that allow the unit to be utilized as either a pusher or puller fan by simply flipping brackets without the need to change the unit direction, and flows up to an impressive 2400 cfm. Mounting hardware is included. Fan prices start from $248.52 (excl. GST). To get yours, head to, or contact the team on 09 638 6439.

Towel power

If bigger is better, then biggest is best — the Final Touch microfibre drying towel could just be the best thing that could happen to your car-cleaning life! Its 340gsm microfibres are super soft and super absorbent, and, with a size of 150x60cm, one towel will usually be big enough to dry an entire car. At $26 per jumbo towel, you could grab a bunch and never be lacking in drying power again. Contact Final Touch on 0800 346 258 or to get your mitts on one. 

Know the ratio

If you’ve spent some coin on your engine, you’ll want to be sure it’s running at 100 per cent, 100 per cent of the time. Let the Auto Meter Sport-Comp Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio meter help you with that, with its advanced auto-calibration system that automatically calibrates your gauge on each start-up, ensuring maximum accuracy, and provides data-logging output for one-wire and two-wire systems. The gauge is designed for gasoline applications, and includes a specially-designed oxygen sensor and wiring harness, for ease of installation. Get yours for $384.64 (excl. GST) from Segedins Auto Spares, 381–385 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, or phone 09 638 6439.

The Jowett Jupiter turns 70

John Ball has always enjoyed tinkering with old boats and cars. He’s old enough to think having gearbox parts on newspaper on the floor of his bedroom, while the relevant car sat waiting on nail boxes, was a normal part of growing up. His passion has always tended towards old British bangers. He reckons he’s fortunate not to have got caught up in the American muscle scene.
John’s love affair with this Jupiter started in December 2015 when, with some time on his hands during a Christchurch trip, he searched online for ‘cars, before 1970 and in Christchurch’.

A passion for classics and customs

In the highly competitive field of New Zealand classic and custom restorations, reputations are won or lost on the ability to maintain consistently high standards of workmanship. A company managing to achieve this is D A Panel beating Ltd, of Rangiora near Christchurch. Is your classic or custom car restoration stalled, or in need of a refresh, or perhaps you are looking for experts to rebuild that recent import project out of Europe or the ‘States?