Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 — Live stream!

29 June, 2017

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is about to kick off for another year of high-speed radness and we’ve got all the action streaming here LIVE for the whole weekend. 

Although only three Kiwis appear on the drivers/riders list, they’re some damn fine choices at that. Eleven-time Isle of Man TT winner and Wellingtonian Bruce Anstey will Padgett’s Motorcycles Honda RCV213-S which he premiered at the recent TT on the Isle’. Local drifting legend ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett has made his annual pilgrimage to Lord March’s estate to for the third consecutive year, taking his MADBUL FD RX-7.

And finally ’70s Formula 1 driver Howden Ganley, who hasn’t been assigned a specific vehicle on the list as of yet. Unfortunately Rod Millen is too caught up climbing mountains (centennial celebrations for the Pikes Peak Hillclimb) to attend this years festivities.

For those of you who are still scratching your heads wondering what the hell a Goodwood Festival is, who better to give you a quick intro than Lord March himself (hat tip to The Telegraph):

“This is our 25th Festival of Speed and I’m looking forward to it as much as ever … our Festival theme for 2017 is ‘Peaks of Performance – Motorsport’s Game Changers’. To illustrate the theme, we have filled the paddocks with cars and bikes that were so much faster, and more sophisticated, than their rivals that in many cases the rules were changed to restore competition.

“As ever we are celebrating lots of important anniversaries, providing us with a platform on which to create a Festival that reflects the absolute greatest cars, bikes, drivers and riders. Then, added to this core of the event, we will have a fantastic gathering of supercars, F1 teams, the amazing Goodwood Action Sports (GAS) bike riders, the very latest road cars and those sensational Group B cars out on the Forest Rally Stage … nowhere else in the world will you see such great cars and bikes all gathered together in one place at one time.

I look forward to seeing you all here – and I hope you have a great time.”

Watch all of the festivals goodness below:


Schedule (local time)

8:30am — Sportscars and GTs
9:20am — Pre-War Cars and Bikes
10:00am — Goodwood Action Sports Show
10:10am — Supercars and First Glance Cars
10:15am — Action Sports Arena Show
10:55am — Formula 1
11:00am — Air Display – RED ARROWS
11:35am — Touring Cars, NASCAR, Rally and Drift
12:20pm — Ferrari Sportscars and Single-Seaters
12:30pm — Goodwood Action Sports Show
12:55pm — Ferrari Moment – Front of House
1:15pm — Supercars and Race Cars for the Road Shoot-Out
1:15pm — Action Sports Arena Show
2:10pm — Ferrari Sportscars and Single-Seaters
2:30pm — Goodwood Action Sports Show
2:50pm — Formula 1
3:15pm — Action Sports Arena Show
3:30pm— Qualifying Shoot-Out
4:00pm— Air Display – TYPHOON
4:20pm— Pre-War Cars and Bikes
5:05pm — Sportscars and GTs
5:30pm — Action Sports Arena Show
5:50pm — Touring Cars, NASCAR, Rally and Drift

8:30am — Touring Cars, NASCAR, Rally and Drift
9:15am — Pre-War Cars and Bikes
10:00am — Action Sports Arena Show
10:05am — Sportscars and GTs
10:55am — Supercars and First Glance Cars
11:00am — Goodwood Action Sports Show
11:40am — Formula 1
12:00pm — Action Sports Arena Show
12:25pm — Ferrari Sportscars and Single-Seaters
12:45pm — Air Display – TYPHOON
1:00pm — Goodwood Action Sports Show
1:10pm — Touring Cars, NASCAR, Rally and Drift
1:45pm — Sportscars and GTs
2:00pm — Action Sports Arena Show
2:30pm — Formula 1
3:00pm — Bernie Ecclestone Central Feature Moment
3:20pm — Ferrari Sportscars and Single-Seaters
3:30pm — Goodwood Action Sports Show
3:55pm — Shoot-Out
5:00pm — Action Sports Arena Show
5:10pm — Supercars and First Glance Cars
6:00hrs — Pre-War Cars and Bikes

Travelling companion

It’s easy to see why the Morris Minor Traveller was one of the best-loved variants of the Morris Minor. Introduced in 1953, it was equipped with the same independent torsion bar front suspension, drum brakes, and rack and pinion steering as its saloon sibling but, with their foldable rear seat increasing versatility, many Travellers were used as trade vehicles, says Derek Goddard. Derek and Gail Goddard, the owners of this superbly restored example, have run Morris Minors since before they were married in 1974.
“Our honeymoon vehicle was a blue Morris Minor van — it was a rust bucket,” says Derek.

Super Leicht Gullwing

It’s fair to say that nothing much in the classic Mercedes world gets past Mercedes-Benz Club stalwart Garry Boyce so it wasn’t surprising to learn that around 15 years ago he had sniffed out an extremely rare 300SL lightweight Gullwing as well as a 1958 300SL Roadster hiding away in the Waikato. The cars were not for sale but Garry eventually managed to persuade the owner to allow him and his restoration team to take a look at the Roadster. They discovered a very distressed but largely unmolested car. The car was so original that the body had never been off the chassis, meaning most of the parts and fittings were still present and correct, as they had been fitted by the factory.