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Buying Guides: The $10k dilemma

11 August, 2017



Following on from our team nominating what they’d be buying with $5,000 in their pockets, we generously doubled the hypothetical budget and sent the team on a mission. What would they be buying for $10,000?

Lachlan Jones NZ Classic Car
Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK5): We had a MK5 GTI as a family car for a fair while that did everything we asked of it and more. The DSG gearbox was a revelation at the time (in fact, very little is different from the unit VW use in the MK7 GTI and R) and with 200hp out of the box, it was quick enough, too (an extra $1,000 for a remap will see the GTI up to 250-odd-hp quite easily). With a stiffer chassis and significantly reduced understeer from the lacklustre MK4, the MK5 GTI was a game changer for not just VW but what we’ve come to expect of the modern hot hatch.

Jaden MartinNZ Performance Car
Honda Civic Type R (EK9): Coming in at ⅙ of the price that the latest incarnation commands, the EK9 still sits as the ultimate cheap hot hatch in my eyes. It still has that full road feel that more modern cars seem to lose in the name of comfort and its 1.6-litre screaming heart packs enough of a punch to chuck a smile on your face. They are probably the most attractive of the Civic Type R family, too.

Ashley WebbNZ Classic Car
A Jaguar XJS. They’re on their way to becoming quite collectable and there is no denying they look fantastic.

Todd WylieNZV8
A WH Holden Statesman is a whole lot of car for the money, so much car that it’d be hard to beat in terms of luxury, presence and performance in my mind. I’ve owned a Statesman before, and still can’t understand why they’re cheaper than a standard wheelbase Calais or similar. If you’re in the market for a V8-powered family hauler, make sure to take a look, as you won’t be disappointed.

Connal GraceNZV8
I could opt for a manual 308-powered VK Commodore, or an XE Falcon panelvan, but I’m going to go with the Nissan Stagea RS Four — manual, of course. The factory RB25DET turbo six will make over 300hp with minor modification, and with a gratuitous boot area, this is the perfect life-proof vehicle.


The Jowett Jupiter turns 70

John Ball has always enjoyed tinkering with old boats and cars. He’s old enough to think having gearbox parts on newspaper on the floor of his bedroom, while the relevant car sat waiting on nail boxes, was a normal part of growing up. His passion has always tended towards old British bangers. He reckons he’s fortunate not to have got caught up in the American muscle scene.
John’s love affair with this Jupiter started in December 2015 when, with some time on his hands during a Christchurch trip, he searched online for ‘cars, before 1970 and in Christchurch’.

A passion for classics and customs

In the highly competitive field of New Zealand classic and custom restorations, reputations are won or lost on the ability to maintain consistently high standards of workmanship. A company managing to achieve this is D A Panel beating Ltd, of Rangiora near Christchurch. Is your classic or custom car restoration stalled, or in need of a refresh, or perhaps you are looking for experts to rebuild that recent import project out of Europe or the ‘States?