“Mahketing” 101: How Chevy accidentally won the internet

9 June, 2017



You can imagine how excited Chevrolet were when they came up with this concept. Get a bunch of definitely-not-paid-actors together, film them standing around your new range of cars chatting about how amazing every single feature is, give them a few dollars and send them on their way. The end result was, well, a bit shit really.

So the “post-production” addition of “Mahk” as one of the people hanging about checking out Chevy’s new range and generally taking the piss in the most brilliant fashion has boosted this campaign into the stratosphere, with three of the first four videos from YouTubers Zebra Corner so far having had in excess of two million views (as opposed to the 5,000 odd views on the official Chevrolet channel). There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Check the vids out below. Time well spent but probably not for the overly precious.

Today sees the fifth instalment in the series targeting millennials and Mahk is taking no bearded, flannel shirt wearing, typewriter-using prisoners.



Travelling companion

It’s easy to see why the Morris Minor Traveller was one of the best-loved variants of the Morris Minor. Introduced in 1953, it was equipped with the same independent torsion bar front suspension, drum brakes, and rack and pinion steering as its saloon sibling but, with their foldable rear seat increasing versatility, many Travellers were used as trade vehicles, says Derek Goddard. Derek and Gail Goddard, the owners of this superbly restored example, have run Morris Minors since before they were married in 1974.
“Our honeymoon vehicle was a blue Morris Minor van — it was a rust bucket,” says Derek.

Super Leicht Gullwing

It’s fair to say that nothing much in the classic Mercedes world gets past Mercedes-Benz Club stalwart Garry Boyce so it wasn’t surprising to learn that around 15 years ago he had sniffed out an extremely rare 300SL lightweight Gullwing as well as a 1958 300SL Roadster hiding away in the Waikato. The cars were not for sale but Garry eventually managed to persuade the owner to allow him and his restoration team to take a look at the Roadster. They discovered a very distressed but largely unmolested car. The car was so original that the body had never been off the chassis, meaning most of the parts and fittings were still present and correct, as they had been fitted by the factory.