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Living Legend

When you see the cars he has given us, Leonardo Fioravanti deserves to be better known. After inquiring about some of his inspired designs, described here last month, Roger Adshead

One careful lady owner, and friends

It’s quite possibly unique among the thousands of ’56 T-birds produced, and its provenance is equally spectacular  By Patrick Harlow John Rae is the third owner of this classic 1956

Leonardo’s Lighting Legacy

Ferrari owner and enthusiast Roger Adshead got to wondering where the simply beautiful twin tail lamps that are a signature of many Ferraris came from, and what inspired them. It

Westside Story

The Holden Sandman, already as iconic of the ’70s as a Farrah Fawcett-Majors poster, got an extra shot of stardust after appearing in the local cult TV series Westside. This

Living the American Dream

The search for an Airstream caravan led Nigel Teape to a trio of American classics which ended up surpassing his Airstream dream By Ian Parkes There’s a school of thought

The Getaway Van

This 1972 Ford Transit provides an instant hit of nostalgia, reminding us all of how a pervasive and seemingly permanent fixture of the motoring scene can slip away almost without

Beach Buggy boom

There’s something about the rattle of an air-cooled VW engine that evokes freedom in all three of the radically different vehicles it powered By Ian Parkes The classic Type 1

Hey, good looking

Alfa Romeos pull at the heartstrings in a way few other cars do, and for Ian MacPherson it was love at first sight By Patrick Harlow Alfa Romeo has something

Suddenly it’s 1960!

Jet age fantasy was in full flight following World War II and the space race of the 1950s only lit the imagination afterburners among leading American automotive stylists By Quinton

Four-by-four for town and country

Long before pickup trucks became fashion items they, like the Levi jeans their owners wore, were built for hard work. After 30 years in a shed, this one is back

Raising the bar

The rising standard of car preparation is only adding impetus to the classic racing revival By Quinton Taylor, photography: Ewan McPherson, Wayne Perkins, Donn White, and New Zealand Classic Car

Twin peaks

The BMW M325i M-Tech II was the top-ranking E30 model to be sold new in New Zealand. We reunite two survivors from the 3-Series’ golden era By Mark Bailey, photography

Tradie’s Choice

A house painter by trade, Clint Wheeler applied his eye for detail to his latest creation, an uber-rare ’62 FJ panel van By Ashley Webb, photography by Richard Opie Almost