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Ramp up security with a better door opener

Your classic car is precious, and not just to you, so it will pay to keep it secure. Dominator garage door openers provide sophisticated electronic security for single and double

Protect your investment

Total Lube Guide gives you the good oil Choosing the right fluids for your car, and refreshing them regularly, is the best form of preventive maintenance. It makes driving more

Phenomenon of Ford Mustang popularity

    The Ford Mustang can be seen appearing in hundreds of movies. Starting with the 70s movie Bullitt and ending with the well-known Need for Speed movie. According to

Money in the bank

    A gentleman’s express, a race-winning touring car legend, and a London bank robber’s getaway car of choice — the Mark 2 Jag remains iconic Jaguar’s motto of “grace,

Flower power

    Some think Lotuses are delicate. They have their fans here but the Elise could always handle more Lotus founder Colin Chapman was a bright fellow to say the

Charging more!

    American Charger or Australian Charger? It’s not all about Ford vs GM. Both variants of Mopar Chargers have their fans among Kiwis so where do they cross over?

The time is right for Z cars

    As modern sports cars go retro-plus-electronics, appreciation is growing for genuine originals. Nissan got it right first time with its Z car but even the more wayward examples

Clear Eyes: Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit

    View fullsize Mention the name Rain-X and you’ll instantly think water repellent, but the company actually offers a wide range of car care products, including its Headlight Restoration

Head to Mangawhai

The first Saturday of the year will often see classic cars, hot rods, and bikes converging for the annual Black Swamp Rod Run in Mangawhai.