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Technical how-to

Get your paintwork looking on point

  “Looking at getting paintwork done? Here are a few tips and businesses to check out” Aesthetically, the paint finish on your car is its most important feature. Sure, the

The history of Ford’s iconic flathead engine

Ford’s flathead V8 is the forefather to the entire American V8 scene, with its bang-for-buck performance at the time of its launch unlike nothing else the world had ever seen.

The ins and outs of 3D printing a classic car

  “3D printing is here to stay and — although there’s more involved than simply pushing the ‘print’ button — it’s even possible to ‘print’ your very own classic car”

How two buckets will change your life

If you’re anything like us you’ll hate the small swirly scratches in your car’s paintwork that are seemingly unavoidable. Unavoidable, until you hear a tip that’s so obvious you’ll wonder