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The Time Machine: Paul Adams BMW 2002

      Lachlan spent some time with New Zealand’s first international rally winner, Paul Adams, and his BMW 2002 to remember the journey this wee Bimmer took to be

Rebirth of a Legend: Jaguar XKSS

      There are few more noble reasons to buy a car than the ‘McQueen factor’. It’s that which makes this car so cool and is the reason that

Conservative Elegance: 1957 Buick Roadmaster

      Roadmaster — Buick’s king of style and power View fullsize Buick’s Roadmaster arose from anything but humble beginnings. The brand’s new flagship was intended to spark images

1st Three: Origins of the Audi RS Advant

      The team spent the day with the three original RS station wagons (‘Avants’ in Audi-speak) to discover where the RS brand began its journey to become the

Quick Cat: 1994 Jaguar XJ220

      The XJ220 has a complicated past, but it’s still one of the few cars that will impress every person who sees it in the flesh, car fan