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The tail ‘wagon’ the dog

Don’t tell your copier rep, but Mercedes-Benz’s latest version of the C63 AMG has arrived. Moneyed Kiwis fell in love with the first-generation C63 thanks to its compact frame and

Datsun 240Z: back to the future

  “Donn is reunited with the actual Datsun 240Z he road-tested more than four decades ago” View fullsize Cover of the November 1971 edition of Motorman, shot at Ardmore airport

Legendary Aston Martin at auction

Ask me, if money is no object, what car I’d most like to own and you’ll always get the same answer — Aston Martin’s gorgeous, and incredibly rare, DB4GT Zagato.

Camping and caravanning of yesteryear

  “Trevor Stanley-Joblin recalls memories of camping and caravanning from the 1950s to 1970s — backed up by recollections from his family” Back in the September 2006 issue of New