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BMW M5 going viral the right way

    The early 2000s were a simpler time. The internet was in its infancy which meant videos and ads didn’t have the avenues to go viral that they do

Buying Guides: The $10k dilemma

    Following on from our team nominating what they’d be buying with $5,000 in their pockets, we generously doubled the hypothetical budget and sent the team on a mission.

The $5,000 dilemma

If you’re anything like us here in the office, you’ll spend a good chunk of your time imagining what car you’d buy in any given scenario. The Powerball winners garage

Price on: raising the speed limit

    “Are we there yet?” View fullsize The short answer is an emphatic ‘No, we’re not’! Just prior to Christmas, NZTA announced that it was considering raising the open

Price on: Petrol prices

  “Seems like there’s some smoke and mirrors deception at play” View fullsize It’s been awhile since I’ve written about petrol. However, with my predilection for saving old newspaper cuttings

Motoman: The little sports car with the big heart

“A simple formula is often the answer, as BMC envisaged with the Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget. Donn Anderson remembers the game little sports car” View fullsize Forty-one years ago,

UK looks to change classic car parameters

As it stands in the UK, any car built prior to 1960 is exempt from the MOT (the equivalent of our WOF) process. Effectively, the powers that be have entrusted