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Ford gives GT buyers a second chance

  “If you’re like me and you got rejected with your Ford GT application (just kidding), then you’ve got a second chance!” I didn’t get rejected from buying a brand-new

See what’s inside our 1000hp garages

You’ve got 1000hp and an unlimited budget to play with. You can buy as many or as few cars as you like. One custom R32 GTR or 10 one-litre original

Bangers and Ash: farewell to a legend

At about 5.30pm on Wednesday, August 3, we received the news that Chris Amon had passed away earlier that day. As the news was being relayed to me, it took

Would you pay $420K for an Acura NSX?

Whoa, never in my life did I think that a Honda, or Acura in this instance, would sell for close to half a million dollars new, however Honda in Australia

Lamborghini gets a facelift: good, or bad?

For me, the later-model Lamborghinis aren’t the most attractive supercars out there. For some, their fighter jet–like appearance has them drooling, but for me, I like my supercars with a

Bangers and Ash: modern dilemma

I’m sure you’ve all heard the adage ‘you can’t beat modern technology’ — after all, technology’s something that permeates our daily lives, whether we like it or not.  I heard it bandied around

Which is the best Mustang generation?

We know this is going to spark riots like you’ve never seen before, but what Mustang is the most popular? Lets settle this once and for all and nail down

Weekly Motor Fix: Audi RS6 Avant

As far as good ideas go, buying a 13-year-old German performance car with nearly 200,000km on the clock — after a long, thirst-quenching lunch — is quite low on the

Bangers and Ash: Monaro memories

This New Zealand Classic Car Issue No. 306 cover car sparked many fond memories of these big Aussie coupés, as I remember my first ‘real’ car was an HK GTS Monaro,