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Pinnacle Porsche

Is this the ultimate Porsche 911? Porsche has made a virtue of keeping the 911 true to its origins, with a policy of evolution, not revolution. It came closest to

One Hundred and Fifteen Years Young

Cadillac became one of the great luxury marques but it was a focus on quality and practicality in its humble beginnings that set its makers on the right path Words

Cat Scratch Fever

Jaguar’s iconic 3.8-litre Mark II saloon provides stunning performance and comfort for four, and its tuneable engine made it a favourite in saloon car races around the world. By Quinton Taylor,

Ford of Europe’s Aussie Six

Ford of Australia made the ultimate cruising Cortina but it tempted few of Ford’s Australian customers away from the big basic Falcon. By Ben Selby, photography by Kallum Harris Photography

You’re The One That I Want

Japanese coupés have seen an explosion in value with many formerly common models climbing into the six-figure range, making the rare ones even more precious to some Words and photography:

To Finish First, First You Must Build A Winner

One man’s drive to pay tribute to one of Bruce McLaren’s victorious Can-Am cars saw him emulate the driver and constructor’s ambition, innovation, and attention to detail By Patrick Harlow,

The British Aussie Battler

The P76 is another of Leyland’s near misses. When it was introduced in 1973, the Leyland P76 was a genuine threat to the established order over the ditch, having acres

A Corollary on Corollas

Last month, Gerard explained why the car he liked best was not one of several red-blooded sports saloons he had lusted after, but a kindly twin-cam Corolla. This month he

Almost Mythical Pony

A genuine Shelby GT350 is one of the unicorns of the car world but Vaughan Wilson can verify they do exist and can even be found in New Zealand. He

Escort services

Ford’s simple Escort proved amenable to the ministrations of tuners, racer and factory rally teams, spawning a huge aftermarket tuning industry. This heavily reworked 1968 two-door celebrates that tradition  Words

Becoming an Alfa Male

The lines of the 1750 GTV are seductive enough, but it’s driving the thing that makes our man fall for Giugiaro and Alfa Romeo’s 1969 masterpiece Words and photos by

The other Japanese rotary

Suzuki’s magnificent failure, the rare rotary-engined RE5, makes an eye- and ear-catching alternative to the now traditional inline fours that revolutionlised motorcycling By Ian Parkes Mazda wasn’t the only mighty