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Silverstone Classic 2017

As those lucky buggers in the UK get rid of the last of their hangover from the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a few of them will be heading off to

Car guy movies: Baby Driver

We’re drawn to any movie featuring fast cars and a good chase scene. When it’s matched to a soundtrack like that of Baby Driver, we’re sold. Relative newcomer and opposite

Ladies, start your engines

Garages, sheds and driver’s seats aren’t just the vestige of men. There are a few good women who are well involved in the car scene, and we’re keen to get

Honk if you’re horny

We’ve all been there, sitting at the lights when the car in front waits a beat too long to get underway. No biggie, we give them as much of a

The warm-up: Repco Beach Hop 17 (day one)

The Go Waihi Warm Up Party marks the official start of Beach Hop every year, and things were no different for this year’s Repco Beach Hop 17. For entrants who’d

Bambina or bust

  “There are few cars as cute or iconic as Fiat’s diminutive 500 — and this ‘enhanced’ Bambina certainly takes the cake when it comes to cuteness” View fullsize 1963

One man and his driveway: Leadfoot Festival 2017

The coolest driveway party of the year, Rod Millen’s annual Leadfoot Festival once again awoke the quiet seaside town of Hahei over Waitangi weekend (February 4–5, 2017).  View fullsize Taking

Whanganui takes you on a trip back in time

Late January 2017 saw another chance for Whanganui (the jewel by the ocean), to put on its annual Vintage Weekend. Spread over three days, all attendees got the chance to

Take a trip down Route 66

  View fullsize The road is something we take for granted in day-to-day life, but for those of us who use them for more than just the daily grind —