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Kiwi drivers revved up for the 101

Greg Murphy and ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett are two of the big-name New Zealand drivers confirmed for Hampton Downs 101 and Highlands 101, but there are a couple of Australian-based Kiwis

Larry Price recreates the car of his dreams

Larry Price still clearly remembers the excitement he felt as he heard the news — live — of the D-Type Jaguar crossing the finishing line in second place during 1954.

Not on my watch, Hurricane Matthew!

If a storm was heading our way, there would certainly be a few measures you’d take to prepare for the worst. You’d make sure all the doors and windows were

Wizard of Aus: an Airbnb barn find?

“Alright, alright,” I said, agreeing to a weekend away without cars. What was I thinking? What would I do? My wife and our two friends had booked an Airbnb in

Bangers and Ash: farewell to a legend

At about 5.30pm on Wednesday, August 3, we received the news that Chris Amon had passed away earlier that day. As the news was being relayed to me, it took

Meet the man who designs Ferraris

In a rare interview with Head of Ferrari Design Flavio Manzoni, in the September issue of New Zealand Classic Car, he explains, “There is a very nice phrase of Renzo

Rally rotor: not your usual gravel machine

  “When rally champion Marcus van Klink heads out to classic rally events to battle his fellow competitors, most of whom are driving Ford Escorts, he does so in fine